Top 5 Author Box Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 Author Bio Box Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to establish a relationship with your audience, improve site authority and even allure guest writers to your WordPress site? Then, adding an author bio box plugin is the solution. Your WordPress blog can enjoy the following from this plugin;

  • Improvement of the authority and credibility of an author to your readers.
  • Establishing a mutual but engaging connection between the authors and readers.
  • Compelling visiting authors to write for your website.

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Author Bio Box Plugins WordPress Site

You require the author bio box plugins to customize and display a bio section at the end of your WordPress site posts. Every theme in WordPress has the bio section as an inbuilt feature, but extra functionalities (like adding social media profile or more) are obtainable with the Author bio box plugin. Here are some of the plugins you can use to set up the Author Bio in your WordPress website;

1. Simple Author Box

It is a rich plugin with features that adds a responsive author box showing the author bio (author name, custom gravatar and author description). You can customize the bio box almost however you want, from having complete control of the background, typography, colours to other functionalities. It provides over 30 social icons and an option to show authors’ email addresses, so the readers can connect with them and keep in touch directly.

Simple Author Box
Simple Author Box

The plugin happens to take the current font family and colour from your theme by default if there isn’t any change in the plugin’s settings. Though the Simple author box insertion is automatic, you can still manually insert the plugin using the PHP Code or Shortcode. Also, there is a choice to hide the author box when it doesn’t have an author description.

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The plugin portrays a nice-looking author bio box on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices and a fully customizable display to match any theme design. It also has RTL and AMP support. There is a real-time preview of your author box to see the changes in the bio as you customize it. The pro version gives you access to more features like add website links, social icon styles, co-authors or guests, and display the author box after or before post content.

2. Starbox – the Author Box for Humans

The professionally landscaping and well-built themes of the Starbox author bio box of Starbox makes it gorgeous. So, to increase the social proof of an author requires placing the bio box at the top of the page. By embedding clickable writers’ social profiles, your audience engages well with authors’ social media streams and content. Also, Google Authorship and Facebook Authorship addons are achievable with this plugin.

Starbox Plugin

It doesn’t require much time to set up the Starbox. The guarantee feature ensures no menu complication or coding requirement for you. Its social benefits remain to give your readers a sense of quality in your content or post. It works both on blog posts or pages, and there isn’t a need for a gravatar since you can upload your custom image. Moreover, you can add this author bio box through shortcode [starbox] or [starbox id=USER_ID] in the WordPress widget or post content.

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3. Meks Smart Author Widget

It specifically works well with the widget area of your WordPress site. The author profile page is an exclusive addon that allows readers to view the list of all their articles apart from the avatar, social media link and bio. The plugin has pretty straightforward setups, and it uses auto-detect to find out and display an author that owns a post. Therefore, is a requirement that authors fill in all their information in the WordPress profile dashboard.

Meks Smart Author
Meks Smart Author

4. WP Post Author

It follows your site design and fit into your content, which implies its simplicity and ease to use in terms of configuration. The author bio box on display shows the author’s name, avatar, company role or title, short bio description and social media profile icons. You have control to either hide or show the bio element details and their placement (right, left or centre alignment).

There is the provision of a shortcode to display the author profile. Also, three are different widgets serving as posts author, selective author by id and custom author. Here are how each of these functions;

  • Author Widget: reads and uses the data of the author’s post from the WordPress profile dashboard.
  • Selective widget: using the author-specific or unique id to read profile data from the dashboard.
  • Custom Widget: involve using custom fields like title, name, image, biography and social link sections.
WP Post Author
WP Post Author

Also, it supports the use of shortcodes [wp-post-author] having these attributes: title (Any text string), align (left, right or centre), image-layout (square or round), show-role (true or false) and show-email (true or false).

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5. Molongui Author Box, Guest Author & Co-Author

It offers the opportunity for the display of the author box for authors, co-authors and guests. You can create bios for new authors or guests without having to do so from the admin dashboard. Make a selection of typography, colours, bio, layout and social media icons to customize the plugin. Also, the WordPress customizer can come in handy for easier setups, and you have control of the box display as either above or below content.

Molongui Author Box
Molongui Author Box

The plugin incorporates giving credits to your content creators. It provides features that help manage the post’s authorship and improve search engine optimization. Also, you can fully customize visibility, styling and other info. Other great features to relate with are live preview, schema markup, responsive design, page/post support, multipost and RTL support.

Final Remarks

There are many manipulations and exquisite layouts of display in using any of the above plugins by default. Testing their pro version gives you much control and functionalities to proclaim credibility to your site audience. No matter what, ensure every post at least has a showcase of an author bio in detail.

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