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How to Submit WordPress Sitemap in Google Search Console?

WordPress by default generates XML Sitemap for your site. However, you need to manually submit the sitemap to Google Search Console in order to the available reports.

WordPress XML Sitemap

If you are using the latest WordPress version 5.5 or later, you do not need any additional plugin to generate sitemap. WordPress will automatically generate sitemap that you can find by adding “/wp-sitemap.xml” suffix to your installation path. For example, for this website here is a WordPress XML sitemap:

WordPress Installation Pathhttps://wp-tips.com
WordPress Sitemap Pathhttps://wp-tips.com/wp-sitemap.xml

If you are using any plugin then make sure to get the correct the URL for your sitemap. For example, we use Yoast SEO on this site and the sitemap URL should be like below:


Now, that Yoast SEO plugin automatically redirect the default WordPress sitemap to the plugin’s sitemap URL. The sitemap index will contain all individual sitemaps for posts, pages and categories.

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Submit WordPress Sitemap to Google

  • Login to your Google Search Console and choose the website property for which you want to submit XML sitemap.
  • Click on the “Sitemap” option from the left sidebar.
  • Type the relative URL of your sitemap in the box.
  • Click on “Submit” button.
Submit Sitemap to Google
Submit Sitemap to Google

Now, your sitemap will be submitted to Google and you will see the below success message.

Sitemap Submitted Successfully
Sitemap Submitted Successfully

You can check the status column of the submitted sitemap to confirm the status is showing as “Success”.

View Submitted Sitemap Status
View Submitted Sitemap Status

If you have submitted sitemap index, click on it to view the individual sitemaps. Here, you will see the discovered URLs and last read date for each sitemap along with the submission status.

Individual Sitemaps
Individual Sitemaps

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