How to Add New User in WordPress?

WordPress offers a complete user management system to manage the content on the backend and frontend of your site. In addition, plugins also can add custom user roles to make the system more comprehensive. In most cases, you can enable registration on your WordPress site to allow users login to your site. However, there are situations you have to add new user in WordPress site manually.

Why You Should Add Users Manually?

Here are some of the reasons you may need to add users:

  1. Create another administrator user.
  2. You want to add an author or contributor to provide admin panel access to them for creating content.
  3. Invitation based registration needs you to add the users those accepted your invitation.
  4. You have custom roles on your site with plugins like SEO Manager or Shop Manager.

How to Add Users in WordPress Site?

Follow the below instructions, in order to add users manually.

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel with your administrator username and password.
WordPress User Section
WordPress User Section
  • When you are in the admin panel, navigate to “Users > Add New” section.
  • You can fill the required details and add new user to your WordPress site.
Add New User
Add New User

New User Details for WordPress

You have to fill out the following details to add a new user:

  • Username – this is a required field and you can’t change the username in WordPress once it is created.
  • Email – enter the email id which you can use to login instead of the username. This is also a required filed and you can use this email to retrieve your password in case if you forget it.
  • First Name – enter your first name.
  • Last Name – enter your last name.
  • Website – type your website URL, if you have any.
  • Password – WordPress will automatically create password for the user. Click on the “Show password” button to view and change the password.
  • Send User Notification – enable this checkbox to send the password to the email provided.
  • Role – select appropriate role for the user. Be careful not to assign administrator role any other user.
  • Add New User – click this button to create a new user.
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The new user can login to your WordPress admin panel using the created username and password.

Article last updated on November 6, 2020

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